7 Iconic Foods of Western Australia

If you are looking for the best cuisine that Western Australia has to offer, the following list highlights a few of the most mouth-watering foods that you will find travelling from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in Sydney.

Banh mi

This dish was first prepared by refugees that settled in Melbourne after the Vietnam War. Vietnamese bakeries prepared the Banh mi as a baguette sandwich. Banh mi is layered with toppings like pate, pork, pickled carrot, daikon, cilantro, cucumber, and mayo. The dish is often served for lunch in Melbourne.

Meat Pie

People throughout Western Australia are familiar with the steaming meat pie at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The pastry delicacy is made with minced beef, gravy, and ketchup. Descending from the British meat pie, this dish is known as the king of pies in Australia.

Capricciosa Pizza

Sydney has developed its own distinct style of pizza. The Capricciosa Pizza has so many toppings piled onto it that it is hard to get it all in on a single setting. The pizza is popular with its serving of shredded ham, olives, and mushrooms.

The Melbourne Jaffle

Almost every Australian home has a jaffle-maker in the kitchen cupboard. The traditional recipe contains two slices of white bread buttered on both sides. The idea is then to fill it with beans or meat. The sandwiches are toasted, and tasty wedges emerge.

Avocado on Toast

In 1993, a local restaurateur Bill Granger put avocado toast on his restaurant menu in Sydney. Avocado on toast has become an international sensation. The dish is often enjoyed for brunch.

Lune Croissanterie Cruffin

The Cruffin Lune Croissanterie was trademarked by Mr Holmes Bakehouse, an Australian bakery. This pastry is made by baking croissant dough in a muffin mould and then filling it with jam and cream.

Lamb Roast

The Lamb Roast is an iconic Aussie dish. There is nothing on earth like the taste of a Sunday lamb roast on the western coast of Australia. Lamb is common and inexpensive here, and the dish is roasted with potatoes and a side of peas.

You can learn more about Australian cuisine by visiting the country and discovering what the locals eat on the Western Coast.