5 Stunning Live Music Venues On The Australian Gold Coast

People have been enjoying good food and music for centuries. Live music and dining go together well. The rhythms and beats may even make the food taste better on some occasions. If you are looking to enjoy Australian cuisine on the Gold Coast, you can check out the following options.

1. Miami Marketta

The Miami Marketta is one of the best places to visit during the day and in the evenings. Visitors who pass by can experience the indoor and outdoor night market. The market features extravagant dining options and quality live music. Local artists frequently dazzle guests and passers-by.

2. Music Hall Broadbeach

The Den Devine Restaurant and Music Hall Broadbeach is another notable hotspot for live music fans. Local artists play here every week at Den Divine, and this venue is one of the best on the Gold Coast. The hosts, Alan and Chelsea, cater to guests far and wide, plus the food is excellent.

3. The Avenue – Surfers Paradise

The Avenue treats guests to DJs, live screened sports, and regular live music. You can enjoy hearty casual meals at this local-themed venue. Located in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, The restaurant invites foreigners and locals to a hospitable environment.

4. Stingray Lounge

Stingray lounge is another elegant live music restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. They always have something special on the menu for fans of live music. Visitors will find a lounge area with comfortable seating and a vibrant bar.

5. The Cambus Wallace

The Cambus Wallace is a boat-themed bar with stylish wall murals and classy decorations. This is a great place to grab a cocktail and a light meal while listening to local artists performing live on stage. Invite your friends and share a drink while watching the sunset.

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